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What Our Eyes Reveal About Our Overall Health

June 26, 2023

“The eyes are the window to the soul” is an often-quoted phrase that relates to our eyes providing clues about our true character. Our eyes also provide a window to a great many important aspects of our overall health. Which is why we recommend having a comprehensive examination and vision test at least once a year with our optometrist at Warwick Optical. We have the experience and diagnostic technology to not only detect eye conditions, but also signs of many other health issues.

Here are a few of the health conditions that can be detected during an eye examination:

  • Blurry vision and poor night vision can be signs of diabetes, which causes high blood-sugar levels. Diabetic retinopathy can occur when the tiny vessels in the eyes leak blood and other fluids.
  • A sudden loss of or dramatic change in your vision can point to a blood flow condition in your eyes or brain such as a stroke or migraine. Getting immediate attention can be critical or even life-saving, even if the symptoms disappear quickly.
  • Bulging eyes might be a symptom of Graves’ disease, a thyroid gland condition that can also seriously affect your vision.
  • Jaundice is a sign of liver damage that causes the skin and the whites of the eyes to become yellow. Factors such as disease, infection, poor diet and chronic alcohol abuse can contribute to liver damage.
  • Difficulties seeing in low light, also known as night blindness, can signal the need for corrective lenses or the presence of cataracts that cloud the lenses of the eyes. Not getting enough vitamin A in your diet may also be a cause for this problem.

Regular visits to our optometrist at Warwick Optical are a critical part of protecting not only your vision but your overall health as well. Please contact us today if you have any concerns or want to schedule an appointment.

Existing Patients: (845) 987-7333
New Patients: (845) 208-0007